Vampire Stalkers Roam the Night

Vampire Stalkers Roam the Night - Credit: The Sims 2

Be very weary of Sims with pale skin and bright red eyes. They could be vampires.

For the longest time, Halo City was safe and free from any vampire inhabitants. In last year’s Census, it would appear that there has always been a fairly large population of vampires in the area but most live in secret. There have not been many reports of vampire attacks on civilians but in the last three or four months, there has been a rise in violent vampire attacks.

Needless to say the citizens of Halo City are concerned about the matter. When asked about the vampire presence in the city, Mayor Hans Solo replied, “We’re an open-minded city and welcome everybody to live here whether alive or… undead. They have not posed a problem but law enforcement has been asked to remain on high alert should the situation turn for the worse.”

To be on the safe side when you are out enjoying the city nightlife, be alert for those who appear extremely pale and have bright red eyes. Keeping some garlic with you when you are out may help to ward off the vampires.


About Suprafa

Suprafa is a talking dog who you'd find roaming all over the city making him the perfect news reporter for The Halo City Tribune. Reporting from his unique eye level point of view, he brings a fresh take on the daily events around the city.