PSA: Ant Infestations

Ant Infestations - Credit: The Sims 2

Keep your streets clean or you'll be dealing with ants too!

There has been a recent rise in insect infestations in many suburbs of Halo City, specifically with ants. Nobody is quite sure what is causing the widespread phenomenon but here are few tips from exterminator experts:

  1. Keep your streets clean. Don’t leave trash bins toppled over.
  2. Use ant spray where you find the ants.
  3. Set up plenty of ant bait traps around your home so that it can prevent them from getting in your house
  4. Don’t piss off any witches or gypsies. They’ll curse you with ants forever
  5. Try not be an ass when you break up with people you’re dating with. Vengeful lovers can lead to more than just ant infestations.

Follow these simple tips and you should be ant free!


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