From Humble Beginnings

Hans Solo Early in Life - Credit: The Sims 3

Pictured here is Hans Solo early in his political career as he reads up on the latest in law.

To many of you, Mayor Hans Solo has always been a bright leader of Halo City but he wasn’t always like that. Solo started out his career early on in life and live on some very rough financial strain. Even so, Solo continued with his higher education at Halo City University (HCU) to pave way for his ambitions in politics.

“It was a really difficult part of my life,” says Solo about his education. “Unlike the other kids I knew, I didn’t come from a family of money. My parents were never able to afford the good schools. I earned my way through with scholarhips, grants… you name it, I probably did it.” Solo has helped Halo City become a thriving cultural center of the nation and continues to find ways to improve. Solo is currently single and enjoys watching TV in his free time.


About Suprafa

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