Halo City Named Most Popular City

Halo City Town - Credit: SimCity Societies

Halo City is happy to be one of the most popular cities in the world

Halo City started out as a small town on the West Coast with population under three hundred people but has now grown to encompass well over 1.3 million people! With the highest safety standards and as one of the pioneers of clean green energy, Halo City has grown into a powerhouse in the scientific community. Many people strive to come here to attend the top honored colleges and universities as well as engage in the highly diverse culture. With a vibrant nightlife and secure suburban neighborhoods, Halo City is definitely a perfect mix for families and those living the single life.

“We’re so happy to receive this honor,” said Hans Solo, first term mayor of Halo City. When asked what’s next for the city Solo replied, “I want to continue keep us on the verge of groundbreaking technology and hopefully keep the title as the most popular city next year as well. Lots more in the works! I’m only getting started!”


About Suprafa

Suprafa is a talking dog who you'd find roaming all over the city making him the perfect news reporter for The Halo City Tribune. Reporting from his unique eye level point of view, he brings a fresh take on the daily events around the city.